Lab2PT Infrastructures


Research at Lab2PT takes place at the Institute of Social Sciences, in the Gualtar Campus and in the Congregados building, in the city of Braga, and at the School of Architecture, Art and Design, in the Azurém and Couros campi, both in the city of Guimaraes.

Advanced Ceramics Lab

Advanced Ceramics Lab image

Digital equipment for additive manufacturing to research challenging uses and functions for ceramic materials.

Archaeology Unit

Archaeology Unit image

– Specialised Library of Archaeology, Photography and Cartography.

– Multimedia and Visualisation Laboratory: dedicated to the production of 3D and virtual models.

– Information Systems Laboratory: for the central management of databases and GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

Arena Advanced Design & Technology Lab

Arena Advanced Design & Technology Lab image

Whose main mission is to support R&D focused on the integration of digital technologies for the development of architectural design and product design, in particular in the integration of robotic manufacturing systems, additive manufacturing, cyber-physical systems and virtual reality systems.

Construction and Technology Laboratory

Construction and Technology Laboratory image

Covers a broad spectrum of topics, including the study and development of structural systems, components, and materials; it follows rigorous procedures, inspired by the latest technologies and key concepts in the area of experimental tests.

Design Institute of Guimarães

Design Institute of Guimarães image

Development of new products, methods and design and manufacturing process, equipped with carpentry tools and digital machines (CNC; laser engraving machine; universal oven; 3D printer; 3D scanning).

Institute of Social Sciences

Institute of Social Sciences image

Teaching, study and management spaces.

School of Architecture, Art and Design

School of Architecture, Art and Design image

Pedagogical, study and management spaces.

Photography Laboratory.

Nuno Portas Library.

Study Centre

Study Centre image

Equipped with a complete and up-to-date architecture and urbanism design studio, that makes it possible to develop projects in which professional practice is allied with scientific research.

Lab2PT — Infrastructures

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